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Financial Services, made simple.

We’ve always hated those tedious and painful processes that the banks put us through to get our financing, so we came up with our own solution. Simple and fuss-free financial services, we are Lyte Finance.
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Why Lyte Finance?

Faster, Efficient Processes
Reducing paperwork, saving time and making considered decisions so that you can concentrate on the important things.
Build Business Confidence
We provide clear structures, adopting good compliance practices to ensure that we can properly help you grow your business.
Transparent, Low Fees
With your best interests in mind, we believe in keeping our fees low and transparent for our clients.

So what do we provide?

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Put your money to work with deposit financing. Lytelease turns up to 80% of your rental deposit into monthly payments so that your money works harder for your business instead of sitting idle with your landlord.
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Early Payment Discounting.
Unlock an instant credit line of up to $200K to fund your purchases on Zeemart, with interest rates of as low as 1%!
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Unlock a credit line funded within 24 hours to allow your employee the option to get paid at the end of each work day, with interest rates as low as 1%!

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